The 4 Best Baxi Combi Boiler Models To Choose From

Baxi combi boilers are the most economical, user-friendly and easy to install. They are the most used boilers in the United Kingdom too. Using the principle of heating water instantly when the tap or shower is on, these boilers ensure utmost efficiency. You do not have to worry about tanks or cylinders when using these amazing combi boilers. There are four main Baxi combi boiler models to choose from, they include:

  1. Baxi’s EcoBlue advance combi boiler models

This powerful boiler operates by condensing gas.

Benefits and features:

The following are the benefits and features of the Baxi EcoBlue combi boiler:

  • Variety to choose from: Based on the amount of heat the boiler outputs. This ranges between 24, 28, 33 and 40 kilowatts. Therefore, you have a wide range to choose from, depending on the heating needs of your home.
  • A timer: With a suitable timer, you are able to control the operational period of the boiler.
  • It is very easy to use hence saving your precious time and money.
  • Easy Installation: with the help of a Safe Registered Installer, this process is made very easy.
  • Warranty: In case of any technical hitch with the boiler, feel free to return it to the supplier for servicing up to a maximum period of 10 years after date of purchase.
  • This boiler will give you an exceptionally increased water flow rate for your convenience and comfort.

2. Baxi Platinum Combi boiler models


Baxi combi boiler

This boiler model is characterized by the following features and benefits:

  • Very reliable making it a great favourite among many households and installation technicians.
  • The boiler’s installation is quite simple. Once you have the product’s user guide, you are good to go.
  • It is among the highest rated boilers for energy efficiency
  • It also comes with a 10-year warranty in case of any technicalities during its use.

3. Baxi Duo Tec combi boiler models

This is a model that is endowed with the following benefits:

  • The straight forward installation process makes it a huge darling for many homeowners because they save on the installation process.
  • The ease of use: this boiler is easy to  use as it has no complicated parts of functionalities
  • With an Endorsement of Energy Saving Trust (EST), this product is highly energy efficient.
  • It reliability is sure
  • It comes with a warranty of up to 7 years.

4. Baxi EcoBlue and combi boiler models


Baxi combi boiler

This is a new boiler. It has the following features and benefits, (some of which are almost similar to those of the Baxi EcoBlue advanced combi boiler models) :

  • A powerful combi boiler.
  • It has a high level of energy efficiency.
  • It is very reliable
  • It is compact: the small sized boiler is designed to fit into any home.
  • The boiler is of utmost effectiveness.
  • It saves you both money and time as it is easy to install and use.
  • The boiler also comes with up to 7 years warranty giving you peace of mind.

Please note:

Baxi Neta Tec (GA) Combi boilers models are no longer being manufactured to pave way for the application of better and more advanced technology in the manufacture of new boilers.

6 Most Common Installations on a Baxi Combi Boiler and their Standard Prices

Did you know that installation, whether of a replacement or new boiler is costlier than the boiler? This inevitable truth is the reason why there is a need to equip yourself with every useful information before hiring any boiler installation expert. Of course, you cannot do the installation alone, unless you are registered as a gas safe installer. Fortunately, you can contact us to help with that.

It is important to follow the guide below so that you avoid paying more that necessary for installation services. The installation costs can vary depending on the availability of parts needed, your residence area and the person you employ to do the installation.

The following are six common installations on Baxi Combi Boilers and their prices

  1. Replacing  an old Baxi combi boiler with a new  one on the exact position

This is a very common installation job that most homeowners need done. However, the details of exactly what goes on during the process remain a mystery to many. Here is what actually happens:

  • The installer removes the old boiler
  • Gets rid of it
  • Then installs the new one on the exact same spot as the old one.

For this entire process, the Baxi combi boiler installation prices range between £ 540 and £ 660.

2. If the system for heating is worn out/ old

You will require an installation engineer to mechanically flush it. The process involves the use of chemicals to flush through the pipes using a pump. Here, the standard Baxi combi boiler mechanical flush prices are approximately £ 510.

3. The process of installing a gas condensing boiler in place  of an old non-condensing one

This is usually done in the exact position as the old boiler. There are some important factors to be considered before this installation:

  • The source of gas
  • The flue position

These two are important because to replace your old boiler, the installer may have to remove or replace them.

In this case, the standard Baxi combi boiler installation prices fall in between £ 640 and £ 770.

4. Sometimes, you might need them to physically move the pipes too. This alone costs around £200 – £300.

5. The Baxi combi boiler installation prices for a new condensing boiler in a new location

In addition to the installation of the boiler, your heating system will be upgraded and changing of the controls done. This is a very complex endeavour involving plumbing. The main aim is to change the route of something called the flue and adding the condensate.

The entire process amounts to about £ 1,140 to £ 1,440 and may require an additional £200 for chemical flushing of the pipes.

6. The Baxi combi boiler installation prices for a replacing a heat-only gas boiler with a new condensing boiler in the same spot

The following are what you should expect to be done to your system:

  • Conversion of the system from open to sealed. Here, you will see them removing old cold water tanks, hot water cylinders, the feed and the other tank for expansion in the loft.
  • Plumbing
  • Addition of a condensate

The Baxi combi boiler prices for this process are as follows:

  • £1,440 – basic payment
  • £200 – £300 – more pipes’ installation
  • £ 200 – chemical flush
  • £ 510 – mechanical flush of the heating section

6 Tips to Learn from Baxi Combi Boiler Customer Reviews

As a homeowner who uses the Baxi combi boiler, it is advisable to give your reviews on the boilers. It is further recommended that you take some time to go through your fellow homeowners’ reviews online. The reasons will blow your mind! Not only are you going to learn something new, you will get ideas on how to save money, choose the best-registered gas engineers and much more.

The following are 6 main tips you are likely to get from the Baxi combi boiler customers’ reviews:

  1. Problems and possible solutions

Any manufactured product has its pros and cons. More often than not, homeowners tend to face several challenges when using the Baxi combi boilers. The problems include leakage, failure to produce hot/ cold water, problems with the thermostat, freezing of the condensate pipe and more.

Since users differ from each other when it comes to experience in using the boilers, it is easier for them to share experiences. Such experiences become your learning avenue, especially whenever you face a problem that another homeowner had already faced and solved.

2. Best Baxi combi boiler model that suits your home

There are several Baxi combi boiler types in the market today. Unlike your fellow homeowner who will give you honest opinion about the products, sellers can mislead. Therefore, the Baxi combi boiler reviews given by homeowners are a reliable source of information on the best model for any given household.

You might be in need of a boiler that is small in size or one that can serve several rooms. This information can be easily found on the reviews section of the Baxi combi boiler website.

3. The best boiler installers/ engineers and their prices

As we all know, the Baxi combi boiler installation is a costly affair. Therefore, any amount of money saved in the process is treasured. The most likely way for you to learn about the best engineers and their prices is through Baxi combi boiler reviews.

4. The best Baxi combi boiler dealers and their prices

Whenever you wish to buy a boiler, it is prudent to research and compare prices. However, having to physically visit the stores and shops is very tiresome. The best and easiest way to find out where the boilers are sold at affordable prices is by going through the Baxi combi boiler reviews. This way, you are sure of your next step of action.

5. The do-it-yourself tips that have worked  for fellow users

It is usually very satisfying to fix something on your own. This can only happen if you know what you are doing or with a guide. Some of your fellow homeowners have done it before. They then post the findings on the Baxi combi boiler reviews for you to follow and fix your boiler issues.

6. Warnings on the rogue dealers and fake products

It is most likely that you will find boiler dealers who sell counterfeit or outdated products. These dealers have duped so many homeowners. To be on the safe side, you ought to tread with caution and find them first. Find time and read the Baxi combi boiler reviews. In case you also have experienced fraudulent dealers, post such important information to help other homeowners.

6 Main Problems and Solutions to Baxi Combi Boiler Problems

Baxi combi boilers are the favourite for many homeowners. This is because they are reliable, easy-to-use, easy-to-install and energy efficient. This does not overrule the fact that any technical device must have technical hitches. The beauty of this is that the possible cons have already been diagnosed and their possible treatments provided.

Outlined below are the five main problems faced when using Baxi Combi boilers, their diagnoses, and solutions.

1. Boiler fails to produce heat, hence no hot water

The possible causes of the Baxi combi boiler problems include:

  • Failed airlocks
  • Thermostat problems: This should be checked and if possible, repaired or replaced
  • Broken diaphragm: check for this and replace them immediately
  • Problem with the valves (motorised)
  • Water level below what is required: You should increase the water level to the required

Once you have a clue of what the problem could be, call the registered gas engineer to replace the broken parts

2. leakage of water or gas

  • First of all, find out where the water is dripping from
  • In the case of gas leakage, call the engineer immediately to solve such Baxi combi boiler problems. Gas leakages are mostly caused by broken seals or valves.
  • Water leakage could be as a result of corrosion or rusting of pipes.
  • The treatment in minor cases involves replacement of worn out parts. However, in the worst case scenario, the boiler might have to be replaced.

3. Strange noises such as whistling and banging

This can be caused by three main causes:

  • Air in the system
  • Water: Low water pressure
  • Failure of the pump could also be a reason for the banging noise

Contact your engineer immediately to solve the Baxi combi boiler problems.

4. Low pressure of the system

The central heating cannot take place when there is low boiler pressure. You can check the internal pressure gauge to confirm whether the pressure is low. If below 1, then you have a problem.

Water leakage is among the common causes of low pressure in a Baxi combi boiler. To fix it, have an installer replace the pressure relief valve if there is a visible leakage. If not, try asserting pressure on the system.

5. Freezing of the condensate piping system

This is one of the most common condensing Baxi combi boiler problems. The freezing occurs due to the acidic water transported outside into an external drain. Unthaw the pipe by pouring warm water on it. If you are unsure of this, please contact an engineer to solve such Baxi combi boiler problems.

6. Issues with the thermostat

You can detect a thermostat issue by checking for its accuracy. Is it turning the heat on when it should? Does it turn the heat off when needed? If not then you have a problem. To avoid buying a new thermostat for minor problems, check whether it is set correctly and that it is in its correct position. Your home temperature could be limiting the thermostat’s functionality too. For instance, if your house is warm, the thermostat avoids heating it further. If all these are just fine then you might need to call in an engineer to check it out.