Cheap Combi Boilers – How to Save Money When Buying a New Combi Boiler

Buying and installing a new boiler is among the largest expenses landlords ad homeowners have to encounter. However, due to the wide variety of boiler in the market, it is possible to end up with a cheap combi boiler without compromising on the quality of their performance.

To evaluate whether a boiler is cheap or expensive, it is important to look at it from buying to installation and servicing. This is because if you look at the purchase price alone, you may be surprised to find out that installing your new boiler may cost you more than the boiler’s price.

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Also, when you go for a combi boiler, you shouldn’t be spending a fortune on your heating needs. Thus, ask yourself if the boiler is will be energy efficient. Some boilers may look inexpensive at first, but what if they start breaking down a few months from their purchase time?

Therefore, to understand how cheap a boiler is, we will look at how each of these factors affecting the boiler’s cost.

What is the Price Range of a Cheap Combi Boiler?

The prices of combi boilers do vary according to the size and brand. The highly reputed Which? has rated several boiler brands including Vaillant, Worcester Bosch, Baxi and Potterton, and found their prices to range between £600 and £2,000.

However, when shopping for a combi boiler, a high price tag doesn’t always translate into superior quality. Thus, it is important to check out different customer reviews and get a boiler that will suit your budget.

Will the Boiler Require Regular Maintenance?

Boilers usually last up to 15 years, and when they are too old, they may need to work harder to keep your home warm. They may also become inefficient at this stage, and you could end up spending a lot on your heating needs. However, that does not mean that all old boilers are inefficient and require replacement. If you service them often, they should last longer and give you a better service.

But if you keep calling the repair man, you should probably consider buying a new boiler and save the repair costs. So, if you are looking for a cheap combi boiler, ensure you research broadly. That way, you will find a boiler of high-quality and one that you won’t break down frequently as that may cost you heavily in the long-term.

Cheap combi boilers are those that don’t take much time to install, are energy efficient (meaning you will save a lot in your energy bills), and don’t break every often to cost you a fortune in maintenance.

Check the Boiler Rating

It is good to check the rating of a new boiler before buying it. You want an energy-efficient boiler that will not take too long to pay it off.  Well, a G-rated boiler is not energy efficient and will therefore raise your energy costs during use.

But if you replace it with the A-rated boiler and the relevant heating controls, you may end up saving £ 340 and up to 1,500 kg of carbon dioxide each year, says the Energy Saving Trust. So, if you buy a combi boiler at £ 1,500, it will take you around 4 years to pay it off because of the energy savings it gives you.

How Much Will the Installation Cost?

What usually adds to the cost of a new boiler is the installation. While some homeowners choose to carry out this process on their own, it is a bit involving and may require the hand of a professional. Not all installers are costly. The installation cost may depend on a number of factors, though.

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If you had installed a conventional boiler with a storage tanker, it might take more time to remove the appliances before installing a combi boiler. That means the installer may charge a bit more. At times, you may simply want to replace an old combi boiler with a new one. If that is the case, the process will take a shorter time and that means it will cost you less.

A combi boiler is created in such a way that it has all of its parts in a single, compact unit. This is energy efficient and will take a shorter time to heat up. It is better than conventional boilers that have a hot water storage tank. So, during the installation of your new combi boiler, all that requires fitting is the single unit. A professional engineer won’t take more than a few hours to fit it.

However, this doesn’t always mean that the installation will be cheap.  These are single units that may take a little over two hours to install. However, each model comes designed differently with several practical factors. The factors include the boiler’s size, the flue length needed to vent away waste gases, and radiator replacement. Thus, if you are replacing a conventional boiler, it could take a few days to install a new combination boiler.

What If the Installation Cost is High?

However, even if it costs a little more to install it, remember it is a one-time venture. Replacing and maintaining the combi boiler will be easy, quick and cheap. And the savings you will make in the long-term will compensate the initial cost many times, making it the cheap combi boiler you needed.

Cheap Baxi Combi Boilers

Baxi has been in the home heating business since 1866. Their combi boilers come in a variety of sizes and specs, which means there is a combi Baxi boiler for every home. When it comes to smart heating solutions, Baxi is among the market leaders and Baxi combi boilers do meet and exceed the latest standards in Europe for emissions, safety, energy efficiency and water bylaws.

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Baxi combi boilers enable you to save energy and space. They provide on-demand heating to your domestic hot water and radiators, and are among the most popular and cheap combi boilers in UK. These boilers only heat water when a shower or tap is turned on, and this ensures maximum energy efficiency.  They also save a lot of space as you won’t need a separate cylinder for hot water. The price range of Baxi combi boilers is between £ 730 and £ 1150. The price may vary according to dimensions, outputs and flow rates.

Cheap Vaillant Combi Boilers

Vaillant combi boilers are ideal for homes that don’t have much space and have a limited requirement for water. Other than heating domestic water on demand, these boilers save the highest amount of energy in the range of boilers that Vaillant produces. You won’t need to add a hot water tank or cylinder since the boiler is directly connected to the mains.

The cost of a new Vaillant boiler depends on the size and type of the boiler needed. But its range is between £ 740 and £ 1500, without installation, which can add up the total amount by up to £ 1500. As discussed earlier, the installation cost depends on the amount of work involved and thus, the hours needed to complete it.

The Benefits and Savings of a Vaillant Combi Boiler

While energy costs continue to rise, a new Vaillant combi boiler can help you reduce your energy bills. Resultantly, you will make considerable savings in the long-term.  Installing a Vaillant combi boiler can save you approximately £ 305 a year in energy bills, if you are switching from a conventional boiler to the modern, efficient Vaillant boiler.

There are different types of Vaillant combi boilers. You should take your time to compare the different models and prices. Our Gas Safe boiler installers will offer you a couple of free quotes. They will also give you an opportunity to select the best one for your needs.

Cheap Worcester Combi Boilers

Worcester combi boilers frequently feature in the best online boiler surveys, and Which? awarded them the best buy status based on their Greenstar boiler range, owner satisfaction and brand reliability.

Therefore, if you would like to install a new Worcester Bosch as a replacement of your old inefficient boiler or a broken one, you will be happy to know that you’ve made the right decision it terms of boiler costs, energy efficiency and savings associated with this brand.

As mentioned earlier, finding a costly or cheap combi boiler depends on the size of your home. So, if you reside in a terraced house or apartment with one bathroom and 10 radiators of the average size, you will need a boiler with a 24kW to 27kW output.


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On the other hand, a medium or large 3 to 4 bedroom home may require a Worcester combi boiler whose output is at least 28kW. If you stay in a property that has up to 3 bedrooms and one bathroom, you need a boiler with an output of between 12kW and 15kW. Lastly, a 4 to 4 bedroom home with an ensuite shower and one bathroom requires a boiler with an output of 30kW.

Generally, a bigger home will require a boiler with a higher output which may cost more than one for a smaller home.

Over 70 percent of British homes having combi boilers, installing a Worcester Bosch boiler will help you access hot water on demand as well as adequate heating. The Worcester Bosch boilers come with a 5 year guarantee and are highly energy efficient. They come in different specifications and sizes with prices ranging between £ 767 and £ 2033. Their installation cost ranges from £ 500 and £ 1000.

Cheap Glow Worm Combi Boilers

If you are looking for a perfect solution for your central heating and hot water needs, then the highly-efficient Glow Worm combi boilers will do the trick. You no longer need to turn on the shower and leave it running so it can heat up. Most families have probably experienced this in the past and it shouldn’t recur, now that Glow Worm is the ideal solution for that problem.

With their direct flue option, these boilers can be installed almost everywhere. They offer a high level of efficiency in heating and save you a lot in energy costs. Depending on your home’s size, you can find these boilers in varying flow rates and outputs. Their price ranges between £ 624 and £ 1309. Which? shows they are relatively reliable and have a high satisfaction score from customers. If you are looking for cheap combi boilers, consider Glow Worm.

Cheap Potterton Combi Boilers

Potterton is a reliable brand that has won the Best Buy award from Which?  a number of times.  Potterton has been around for over150 years and has made over five million boilers within that time. You can choose from its boiler ranges which include Potterton Gold, Potterton Titanium, Potterton Promax, Potterton Heatmax and Potterton Performa.

The size of your home may determine the boiler’s size and model you will go for. Generally, their price range is between £ 640 and £ 996. Most boilers come with a warranty of two years, but extended warranties are also available if the product warranty expires. These are among the most reasonably priced combi boilers and they will help you to save a lot in terms of energy costs. There are different models Potterton models but you can find one that suits your heating needs.

To find a cheap combi boiler, look at different factors including the initial boiler cost and the installation fees. And instead of focusing on the cost only, ask yourself whether the boiler you need will help you save energy in the long run. Will it require frequent repairs?

Go For It

When it comes to maintenance, quality combi boilers won’t require much attention for at least 5 years. Fortunately, you can find a cheap combi boiler that comes with a reasonable price, installation cost and is highly efficient. If your home isn’t that big, you shouldn’t expect to pay more for a combination boiler

Most importantly, you can consult our professional installers and ask any questions before buying any combi boiler. There are many brands and models available and getting the right one for your needs can be difficult. But this doesn’t have to be the case if you consult a professional engineer and read a couple of reviews from the Internet.