It is yet another time in your life when you have to replace your old, temperamental and inefficient boiler. You are however on a rather limited budget but don’t wish to compromise quality.

The Ariston Combi Boiler is the best and most convenient choice for you. It costs slightly lower than the other boilers in the market. It is available in large sizes and can supply your household with more than enough hot water.

Features of the Ariston combi boiler

This boiler is one of a kind. It is characterized with the following features:

  1. Bulky in Size: Ariston boiler is designed for homeowners who have ample space. This is due to their large sizes. It is advantageous in that the boiler components are not cramped up in one little box. There is room for everything to fit perfectly.
  1. Reliability: Ariston boilers are well known for their functional reliability. Seldom will you shower with cold water due to the boiler’s failure.
  1. Installation is simple: You might not need an engineer’s service for basic installation procedures. If you are a person who is hands-on, you can tackle the installation procedure.

Ariston combi boiler


  1. 5-year period before replacing components: Ariston combi boiler’s parts are durable. You only have to worry about replacements after at least five solid years of service.
  1. 2 to 5 years guarantee: Depending on the offer in the market, an Ariston boiler comes with a guarantee of a period ranging from 2 to 5 years.
  1. Cheaper than the rest: This is the boiler to go for if your budget is constrained. It is highly affordable as compared to its counterparts.
  1. Installed mechanical-clock: This boiler comes with this clock already installed. This is a great blessing to your entire household.
  1. The boiler is a bit noisy during operation: This boiler produces noise as it heats water. So you might want to place the boiler somewhere far from your bedroom.
  1. 89.9% efficient: if you are looking for an energy efficient boiler, then this is perfect!

Pros of Ariston Combi Boiler

Ariston boiler has the following advantages:

  • It is highly affordable as compared to the other boilers
  • It is averagely 89.9% energy efficient
  • Its reliability is beyond reproach.
  • You can easily service and install the boiler
  • 2 to 5-year guarantee to ensure that your boiler functions as required.
  • It is possible to manually set the boiler temperature.

Cons of Ariston Combi Boiler

The following are the cons of this boiler:

  • It produces a lot of noise, making it inconvenient for use around bedrooms
  • It is bulky, hence requiring more storage space.
  • Its spare parts are difficult to find in the local market.
  • The mechanical clock is not adequate and you are necessitated to purchase a thermostat (programmable). This is an additional expense.

The Ariston Combi Boiler is a pocket-friendly boiler. It is advisable to confirm the small-print on your boiler for extended warranty. This is very important because at times the boiler parts tend to leak. In such instances, the warranty saves the situation.