Clas HE Evo is a gas condensing combi boiler manufactured by Ariston Boilers. It is a highly efficient boiler that is exceptionally friendly to your environment.  The boiler neither emits toxic fumes nor wastes fuel. It has been rated “A” with 90.1% efficiency.

If you are looking for an Ariston combi boiler that combines reliability, performance, efficiency and quality, then Clas HE Evo is the answer. It has never disappointed. It is well endowed with top-notch style and compactness, coupled with an easy-to-use user interface.

Clas He Evo

Outlined below are the special features that empower this boiler to perform beyond expectations.

Features of the Clas HE Evo Combi Boiler

  1. “A” Rating

Clas HE Evo is one of the most environmentally friendly combi boilers you will ever find. It emits minimal toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide into the environment. This way, it is safe for use in your household. It is therefore suitable for location anywhere in the house.

  1. Easy-to-use user interface

This boiler has an interface with simple controls for your use. You do not require any advanced skills or training to understand them.

  1. 90.1% efficiency

A boiler with 90.1% energy efficiency is a top-notch energy saver. Thus, you can save on energy (gas and electricity) bills with this boiler.

  1. Super compact

Homeowners today are migrating from the bulky and large sized boilers. If you are considering a new boiler, ensure it is compact. Clas HE Evo Combi is one such boiler. It easily fits in homes with limited space.

  1. Variety of warranty offers to choose from

This product is available in different versions to suit your budget and preference. You can choose the one that works for you from the available warranties, ranging from 5 to 12 years.

  1. Digital display – LCD with backlight

Boilers are often tucked away in shelves of kitchens or bathrooms. To be able to monitor its progress easily, this one has a highly visible LCD display. It really helps you to check on the boiler even in the dark.

  1. Easy installation

This boiler is often accompanied with a user manual to guide the installation process. It is therefore utterly easy to install.

  1. Various power outputs to choose from

Depending on your household needs, you can always find a boiler to meet them. Clas HE Evo comes with different power outputs for you to choose from.

Pros of Clas HE Evo Combi Boiler

  • The boiler is friendly to the environment, as it is rated 90.1%
  • Highly Compact- You can fit it in any house, even where space is limited.
  • Easy to use boiler
  • It saves you on energy bills, as it is energy efficient.

Cons of Clas HE Evo Combi Boiler

This boiler doesn’t have any cons.

The Clas HE Evo Combi Boiler is a stylish boiler that saves on space, energy bills and is environmentally safe. It comes with various warranties to suit your various needs. You might love it if you love simple yet affordable.