When buying a new combination boiler, most people usually overlook the combi boiler installation bit yet it’s the most important when it comes to the overall cost. In fact, the installation charges may exceed the boiler’s cost price.

Size of the Home

Whether your home is large or smaller, installing a combi boiler will not only provide adequate heating for your family at all seasons, but it will also help you save a lot on the energy bill.


Large homes may have particular needs and most of them have different sections connected to the main water supply. The demand for water in such houses is obviously more than in small houses. There is need for a higher water pressure too. Thus, if you would like to install a combi boiler in such a house, you will need to consult with combi boiler installation experts. They will guide you on the right size of the combination boiler that will meet the heating needs of your house.

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Typically, you may need to install a larger combination boiler that can serve many rooms at once. Some of the issues you will need to discuss with your installation professional include the number of bathrooms in the house, the home’s square footage, and the total number of people in the home. These details will enable the installation expert to know which combi boiler model suits your home’s heating needs.

Is the Boiler Gas, Oil or Electric?

We have gas, oil or electric combi boilers. Many homebuyers are usually confused when it comes to choosing a boiler with regard to what powers it. Fortunately, heating experts have sound advice in the area, and will guide you on the best boiler for your home depending on the number of rooms that require heating.

What Is the Ideal Location For a Combi Boiler Installation?

Since these boilers don’t require huge storage cylinders, kitchens and other storage spaces within the home can easily accommodate the boilers. Their compact size makes it easy for them to be used in different bathrooms. To install them in different rooms of a large house, professional installers usually mount them on walls. When you have them installed in different rooms, you no longer need to worry about access to hot water in each of these rooms.

Pipe Work

In flats, combi boilers have a simple piping system. The boiler is connected to the main supply of water in the complex. The pipes connect well to different sections of the system including hot water outlets and radiators. This alleviates the need for adding hot or cold water tanks. While the radiators have some lines returning to the boiler, you may need to connect more radiators to the boiler in a bid to boost the central heating. If that is the case, you may need to install a larger combination boiler.

Need a Qualified and Affordable Combi Boiler Installation Expert?

Working with our licensed, bonded and insured combi boiler installers will save you time and money. We have been in the combi boiler installation business for years and our experience will translate into installing a boiler that will last for years. We would like to help you save considerably on your energy bills as well as minimize combi boiler repair and replacement. Ready to buy a boiler and need someone competent to install it, contact us now for free installation quotes.