Combination boilers are among the most installed boilers in UK. Homeowners like them because of their compact size, easy installation, energy efficiency, and ease of use. Combi boilers form over 50 percent of all the new boilers installed today. Another factor that makes them popular is the flexible combi boiler prices.

Combi Boiler Prices Depend on Sizes

Combination boilers are available in three major sizes: 35kW – 42kW, 28kW – 34kW and 24kW – 27kW. The system’s size depends on the home’s size and particularly the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in the home. Combination boilers work best for smaller flats and houses. Thus, if your home has more than one shower or bedroom, you may need to consult a heating engineer on the best boiler for your needs.

If your house is small with about 10 average-sized radiators, you may need to install a 24kW – 27kW combi boiler. And if you reside in a 3 to 4-bedroom house with not more than 15 radiators, you may opt for a 28kW – 34kW combi boiler. On the other hand, a larger house with about 20 radiators will need a 35kW – 42kW sized boiler.

Combi boiler prices do vary typically between £600 and £2000 depending on the brand, make, warranty, installation and power. Here is the price range of some of the popular brands in the market.

manufacturer Price range
Baxi £700 –  £1,200
Ideal £600 –  £1,000
Vaillant £610 –  £1,200
Glow Worm £560 –  £1,360
Worcester £730 –  £1,010


Combi Boiler Installation Costs

The price of a combi boiler is just one aspect you should consider when setting up a budget. The entire cost may change when you add installation to it, the cost of additional parts, VAT, and extra work that your central heating system may require. Of great importance is the installation cost.

A combination boiler has been created to have all of its components in a single, compact unit. Consequently, this saves more energy and takes a shorter duration to heat up than conventional boilers with a storage tank . When you have a new combi boiler, you need to work with a professional engineer who will take a few hours to fit the boiler.

Well, this doesn’t imply that all boilers will take a shorter time to install. Although certain single units may take about two hours to install, every model has a unique design and several factors may determine the length and cost of installation.

These factors include whether you would like to remove any old water tanks from the loft, and the combi boiler size. The other factor is the flue length needed to create an exit of waste gases and the radiator-replacement. Therefore, if you are replacing a traditional boiler with a new combi boiler, the for installation cost and time may go up.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that once you install the combi boiler, maintenance and replacements of any parts may come later on, and will be quick and inexpensive. Besides, the money you will save while using a combi boiler will make up for and even exceed the initial cost.