Choosing the Right Combi Boiler for Your Needs

If you scour the Internet, you will come across many combi boilers for sale. The reason being many homes in the UK now use combination boilers to heat their domestic water and the central heating system. However, for a homeowner searching for a combi boiler, it can be hard to know which one will suit your needs. Here are a few pointers to use.

The Size of Your Home

When browsing through the available combi boilers for sale, keep in mind how big your home is. And particularly, note the number of bathrooms therein. If you have several bathrooms, the amount of boiler pressure may be affected if several appliances use the boiler at the same time.

A larger boiler model may suit your needs in this case as it is designed to combat any performance decline resulting from a strain on the system.

Boiler Efficiency of Combi Boilers for sale

If you use a gas central heating system, the boiler may account for about 60 percent of your home’s carbon dioxide emissions, as confirmed by the Energy Savings Trust.

Thus, the type of boiler you choose becomes critical if you would like to cut down on your carbon footprint and energy bills. Combi boilers on sale come with different reviews. You may want to consider A-rated boilers rather than the G-rated ones.

Hearing controls

These controls allow you to take charge of where, when and the temperature at which your heating operates.  It is a great way to manage your heating costs since you can set the controls to ensure the heating is only on some rooms at specific times. Thus, when shopping for different combi boilers on sale, you may want to ensure the boiler has the required heating controls including:

1. Boiler interlock – It is a wiring arrangement that stops a boiler from firing whenever the demand for heat is low

2. Programmable thermostat – Lets you set different room temperatures. This adjusts the boiler to turn on when the temperature drops to a certain level. It turns it off when the temperature rises to a certain level.

3. Thermostat radiator valves – They let you control the temperature of single radiators and turn them off.  The valves should be in all rooms except the room with the thermostat.

4. Automatic bypass valve – They help to maintain a minimum flow rate of water through the combi boiler when the thermostatic radiator valves are working.


We all have budgets after all, right? Combi boilers on sale come at different prices depending on who is selling. However, the most expensive boilers aren’t always the most efficient. You can still find affordable combi boilers with stellar performance. So, take time to check out combi boilers for sale from different brands. They include Baxi, Worcester Bosch, Glow Worm, Potterton and Vaillant. Boilers from these brands are the most recommended and will help you save a lot on energy.

Do You Need a Professional Boiler Installer?

After carrying out your research on different combi boilers for sale and settling for the right one, it is time to organize for boiler installation. You will need a Gas Safe installer to do this for you. We have qualified and affordable boiler installers at Combi Boiler HQ. Contact us today for a quote.