Several boilers in the market today are just but an illusion. The manufacturers and sellers have sugar-coated their weaknesses, misleading you. Finding a good and efficient boiler hence takes more than just listening to the marketers. You have to delve deeper into the boiler’s features and functionalities to know if it suits your home. E-Combi Evo boiler from Ariston is an exceptional boiler. Its features and functionalities are beyond reproach. With a touch of style and automation, it is sure to impress you.

Features of the E-Combi Evo boiler

  1. 5, 8 and 12-year warranties to choose from

There are various boiler specifications you have to check on before purchase. Warranty is one such crucial detail. A boiler with an extended warranty period is safer for you, especially if it is a bit costlier than the rest.

With E-Combi Evo boiler, you can choose between the available 5, 8 or 12-year warranties.

  1. “A” ERP rating

“A” is not an easy to come by rating. It means this boiler has gone the extra mile to convince those concerned that it is safe for your home. This boiler emits little or no toxic fumes to the environment.

It is also highly energy efficient, making it a darling to many homeowners. You will save a couple of dollars on energy bills with this boiler.

  1. Special “AUTO” Technology

The world is rapidly migrating from manual to automatic technology. The Ecombi EVO boiler is on the fore front in this. It has an AUTO technology to ease your work. This means that most of its functionalities are automated.

  1. No frost

Frost is the greatest enemy of a hot water boiler. This menace has paralyzed several boilers in the past, hence necessitating the need for frost-protection.

Ecombi EVO has an in-built frost protection to take away all your worries as you use it.

5. E-Combi Evo boiler has both wireless and wired controls

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you can now control your boiler remotely. It is at times really hectic having to walk to the boiler room to change some settings. Thus, the invention of the wired and wireless controls in Ecombi EVO is a savior to many users.

  1. In-built auto bypass

This combi boiler has an auto bypass intricately built in it for further efficiency and convenience.

  1. High rate of hot water flow

If you love your hot water showers at high pressures, then this is definitely your boiler of choice.

  1. Troubleshooting is automated

You don’t have to browse through the manual every time your boiler has issues. Ecombi EVO has an automated troubleshooting process, simplifying the entire process.

  1. No need for hot water storage

You don’t have to waste more space or money on hot water storage tanks/ cylinders. This is an instant hot water boiler.

Pros of E-Combi Evo Boiler

  • It is easy to troubleshoot the boiler
  • You can switch from wired to wireless control easily
  • You have a wide variety of power outputs to choose from
  • Hot water heating is done instantaneously because of the stainless-steel heat exchangers.

Cons of E-Combi Evo Boiler

Ecombi EVO has no cons that we have heard of.

Ecombi EVO boiler is an energy saving automatic machine. It is stylish and flexible making your hot water needs attainable. You have little to worry about incase the boiler has technical hitches as the controls are also automated.