An electric combi boiler is a new invention in the category of heating equipment. Many versions of an electric combi boiler exist, and they are still undergoing improvement. These boilers can replace other small or medium sized boilers at home, and are preferred for being small, lightweight and compact. They are usually quiet and have a low running cost.

An electric combi boiler only heats up an amount of water at a time, and so, it may not be suitable for a larger household that requires large volumes of hot water. That means this boiler is perfect for small houses. The boiler is cost-effective and environment-friendly, making it ideal for almost any flat.

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Electric combi boilers operate like gas boilers except for the fact that they are electricity powered. This makes them a perfect option for homes that can’t access mains water supply or which have restrictions with regard to the use of gas boilers.

There are many manufacturers of electric combi boilers in the UK, and their models range between 4kW and 14.4kW. The kW output you require depends on your heating requirements and how big your home is. Electric combi boilers with a lower kW are cheaper and have low operating costs. However, their efficiency is not anywhere near that of the larger models.

The Benefits of an Electric Combi Boiler

Many people in the UK use these boilers for a number of reasons, including:

Energy Efficiency

Electric boilers are energy efficient with about 99 percent efficient rate for its users. Unlike gas or oil, these boilers don’t need to burn fossil fuel to generate heat. Thus, they don’t lose any heat through chimneys and flues.

No Need for Gas Supply

More than 2 million homes across the UK can’t access the mains gas supply. Therefore, electric gas boilers are the primary methods of providing hot water and central heating in such homes. Whether the property is listed or under gas boiler restraints such as a sleeping area in a bed-sit, installing a gas supply in such an area could be unsafe, impractical or too expensive.

Reduced Installation Costs

Since the electric combi boiler doesn’t require a separate flue or chimney to emit wastes, it is cheaper to install it than a gas boiler. Those whose houses lack a mains gas supply will find it easier and less costly to install an electric boiler than add gas pipes.

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Compact Size

Since they don’t require a flue, electric combi boilers are typically more compact that gas boilers. Thus, they are flexible when it comes to positioning – they should not necessarily be close to a wall.

Quiet When Running

When in use, these boilers are usually very quiet. This is because they don’t require any moving elements within the boiler to produce heat. They are therefore, convenient for home use, as they won’t distract anyone from study or sleep when in operation.

Requires Little Maintenance

Since they comprise of few mechanical components, electric combi boilers don’t require frequent maintenance. Rather than constant upkeep, you will only need to fix a boiler if you notice a problem with it. Thus, they are durable heating appliances with their elements being probably the only parts that you may need to replace at some point.

Considerations for an Electric Boiler

While these boilers have several benefits as discussed, they also have a few shortcomings that you should consider before buying one.

Unsuitable for Large Amounts of Water Use

An electric boiler is limited in the quantity of water it can heat at a time. Thus, larger homes or properties that require high amounts of water consumption may require a conventional gas boiler.

High Electricity Costs

Since electricity costs more than gas, operating an electric boiler could be costlier. However, you should weigh this point against electric combi boiler’s energy efficiency and the other advantages.

Prone to Power Cuts

Since they run purely on electricity, an electric combi boiler is prone to power outage. Therefore, if you are in a remote region and power to your house goes out, you may need to go for hours without hot water or heating.

How Combi Boiler HQ Can Help

As with most types of heating, an electric boiler has its own pros and cons that you should weigh up before narrowing down to a specific option. The experts here at Combi Boiler HQ are ready to advise you on gas or electric boilers, and answer any questions you may have. A friendly and experienced member of our team is waiting to hear from you. Get it touch today.

Before getting a combi electric boiler, it’s advisable that you obtain several quotes to help you understand where you stand and the cost of the appliance. While boilers are generally not cheap, an electric boiler is a lot cheaper to run in the long run compared to running other types of combi boilers. Therefore, you should consider this when exploring different options.

Fortunately, you don’t necessarily have to shop around before getting the best quotes. Besides, you don’t need to take your valuable time to find the quotes. You simply need to fill out our simple quotation form and leave the rest to us. Within a short duration, you will receive three best quotations from companies within your local area, absolutely free of charge. After that, you can select the best quotation for your budget and needs and end up with a quality, cost effective and energy efficient electric combi boiler.