Elnur, a U.K. company, manufactures Elnur electric boiler among other products. Established in 1973, they have over 40 years experience and hence produce high-quality appliances. The innovation in their products meets the needs of various customers. Due to efficiency and high performance, their products are in over 35 countries. Their extensive distribution network also offers reliable after sales care to customers. Elnur strives to match innovation with the latest technology.

Elnur Electric Boiler

All their products have a finish of electrostatic powder coating. It gives them resistant cover against corrosion and aging. High control in production has seen them get certification. The first award is the ISP 9001:2008 Quality Control Management System. During production, the company cares for the environment. They have an ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems award. The Elnur electric boiler offers efficiency and safety. Its key features and benefits are as follows:

Elnur Electric Boiler Features

  • Digital display
  • Auto air vent
  • Heating flows detector
  • Heating temperature limiter 100ºC
  • Circulating pump
  • Modulating electronic control of the heater
  • DHW anti-electrolysis hoses
  • DHW temperature limiter.80ºC
  • 2LDHW potable water expansion vessel
  • Selectable output
  • Hydrometer 0-4 bar
  • Free standing or wall mounted
  • 6L heating expansion vessel
  • Optional underfloor heating kit (Hydronics)
  • Central heating and hot water
  • Silent TRIAC power switches
  • SEM
  • Stainless steel shielded elements
  • Available in two-power capacity ranges

Elnur Electric Boiler Models

There are two Elnur Electric boiler models.

  • Elnur Electric Combi boilers, and
  • Elnur Electric System Boilers

The two boiler models give you total convenience and safety coming with electric energy. They connect to the terminal block with either the three or single phase. Elnur boilers offer solutions in radiant floor heating and hot water radiators. The thermostats are easy to program. Electric heaters are cheap to maintain and do not need annual service.

Elnur Electric Boiler Prices

Electric boilers are easy to operate and maintain. They are friendly to both human and the environment, having no emissions. They are also durable and affordable. Price range is from £1700 upwards depending on the power output and model.

Elnur Electric Boiler Faults

Most faults in boilers are easy to fix. Others need a qualified technician to diagnose and replace parts. The operations manual explains the problem and solutions to the most common boiler problems. Some of which include:

Water Not Heating

The cause of this can be lower water level or failed motorized valves. Airlock, thermostat failure, or broken diaphragms can cause the fault too. Some of these parts may need replacing. Call a qualified technician to check and address this error.

Thermostat on and off

The thermostat keeps turning on and off and loses accuracy. Check the time and schedule settings to ensure that they are correct. Replace with a new thermostat if necessary.

Whistling and Gurgling Noise

The noise occurs when the water pressure is low. Slow pump failure can also cause this fault. The type of noise the boiler produces determines the problem. Call a qualified technician to analyze and fix.

Boiler Dripping and Leaking

Depending on the point of leakage, causes could vary. The boiler can leak from the pressure valve or the pump seal. An internal part could be the cause too. With time, the tank and pipes wear out due to corrosion. Check and replace any worn out part. Call a technician if unable to locate the leak.

Radiator Not Heating

At some point, the water heats at the bottom only. Distribution of heat is uneven. The cause may be due to either air or dirt buildup. You may need to call a technician to bleed the radiator. The process involves removing the trapped air and residue.

Elnur Electric boilers are easy to operate and cheap to maintain. They do not have many faults and are durable. Electricity is available in most parts and locations. It is a convenient choice for any home or property.