Gas combi boilers are becoming more popular because they can produce cleaner, hot tap water on demand, in the absence of a hot water tank. Of course, these boilers are gas powered and that means they have flues to allow waste gases to escape safely out of the home’s external wall.

Gas combi boilers are an ideal heating solution for small homes that don’t have many bathrooms. They are typically installed in medium-sized homes, although if the model has a higher flow rate, it is possible to use it in a larger house. Therefore, whether your house is small, medium or large in size, you can consider installing a gas combi boiler.


gas combi boiler


Typically, installers mount gas combi boilers on a wall to help in central heating and heating tap water. Such a boiler will suit your home if:

  • You don’t have a huge space for a hot water cylinder or tank
  • It’s a small flat or house with only one bathroom
  • You would like to access hot water from each tap
  • You prefer accessing instant hot water without having to wait for the tank to heat up

Which Manufacturer Offers the Best Gas Combi Boilers?

There are many models of gas combi boilers in the market right now. And the most reputed manufacturers include:

  • Vaillant
  • Worcester Bosch
  • Glow Worm
  • Ideal
  • Baxi
  • Potterton
  • Alpha

Therefore, if you would like to invest in a durable and energy efficient gas combi boiler, pay attention to the manufacturer. Choose from the above list of the most reliable names across the world.

Should You Install a Gas Combi Boiler?

These boilers come with their own perks, making them a perfect solution for homeowners and here are the reasons for their increased use:

More Efficient

Are you tired of spending a lot on your heating needs? It’s time to replace the older boiler with a more reliable and efficient model. A gas combi boiler can help you save about £ 300 per year on heating bills. So, here is a device that heats your central heating system and domestic tap water on demand while helping you to keep money in your pocket.


These boilers are less complex than the conventional heating systems. Therefore, their installation costs are cheaper because they are no linked to hot water tanks and cylinders. This requires less pipe work and simply mounting on the wall. Thus, it takes a short time to install the combi boiler.


There is no water tank for heating up the water first. The boiler heats up your water instantly from the mains supply, allowing you to access unlimited hot water as you need it. As a result, there is no waiting time, and so, you can save time, take a shower any moment and be on your way to that party or business meeting.

More Compact

Since there is no need to install a separate water tank, combi gas boilers do take limited space than the traditional heating equipment. Therefore, if your home has limited space, these boilers are more suitable.


A central heating system with a gas combi boiler has less sludge build-up because the water pipe directly connects to the mains supply. The water isn’t in some tank where it can accumulate debris and rust.

Need a Combi Gas Boiler Installation or Repair?

If you current combi boiler is not working well, you should get an expert to fix it. Have you just bought a combi boiler and need a professional installer to fit it for you at a reasonable cost? We at Combi Boiler HQ are more than willing to help. Get in touch with us today.