Combi boilers are preferred by a majority of homeowners because of their high energy efficiency. They consume less energy by the use of thermostats which regulate power.

The Grant Combi boilers are designed to deliver instant hot water. This is what makes them the homeowners’ favorite boiler. With these boilers in your home, there is absolutely no need for a hot water cylinder or tank.

Features of the Grant combi boiler

This combi boiler has the following special features:

  1. Compact enough to fit in your Kitchen cupboard.

Most homes today do not need bulky boilers. This combi boiler is intricately designed to save on space. Therefore, if you have a small kitchen with a standard-sized cupboard, your boiler can easily fit in it.

  1. Variety of power outputs to choose from

The grant combi boiler is available in different power output ranges. You can choose that which suits your home perfectly. The models range from 21kW to 36 kW outputs.

Grant combi boiler

Your three bedroom house can be comfortably served by the more powerful, 36kW boiler. However, a one or two bedroom apartment can be served by less powerful boilers.

  1. The boiler’s energy efficiency is commendable

If you have always desired a boiler that will save you from unnecessary expenses, Grant combi is one such boiler. It utilizes energy economically, minimally produces toxic fumes and saves on energy and fuel costs.

  1. Installation is straight forward

If you love getting your hands dirty, then you should try out installing the parts yourself. You will be amazed at how easy it is. All you need is to have the boiler manual for reference.

  1. High surface area for water heating

The grant boiler has large heat exchanger plates. These are very essential in enhancing water heating. Hence, this is the reason why your boiler always provides you with hot water the moment you need it.

Pros of Grant Combi Boiler

These are some of the pros of this boiler:

  • It is made of materials that have high quality, hence extremely resilient to wear and tear.
  • You can install the boiler parts yourself. All you need is the product manual, the willingness to dirty your hands and the zeal to try out something new.
  • The boiler’s compactness is convenient for homeowners with limited space. It easily fits in a standard-sized kitchen cupboard.
  • You save on energy costs since the boiler is highly energy efficient.
  • The boiler has a wide variety of power output ranges to choose from. (18kW to 36 kW)
  • Saves you time since the hot water is availed on demand.
  • You are safe from inhaling toxic fumes since this boiler is environmentally friendly.

 Cons of a Grant Combi Boiler

The boiler has the following cons:

  • You might have to spend more on installation if you choose to hire a qualified engineer.

The Grant combi boiler is a simple, yet powerful water heater. Its compactness and energy efficiency have made it among the most preferred boilers ever!