Combi boilers are specially designed for hot water and heating purposes. One main model of these boilers is the Grant Vortex Combi Boiler. It is a compact boiler that eliminates the need for a hot water cylinder and tank in your home.

One outstanding advantage of this boiler is that it is easily installable. All you require is the ability to follow simple installation instructions as outlined in the manual. You have a wide range of products to choose from; depending on your power specification.

Grant Vortex Combi Boiler

Listed below are two types of Grant combi boilers:

  1. GRANT VortexBlue Combi 21Kw, 26Kw, 36Kw: It is 90.20% energy efficient.
  1. GRANT VortexBlue Combi External 21kW, 26kW, 36Kw: This boiler is 93.3% energy efficient.

Features of the Grant Vortex combi boiler

This is a unique kind of boiler, endowed with special features as follows:

  1. No frost: This boiler has a special internal feature to protect it from frost. Frosting adversely affects the boiler’s pipes if not well contained.
  1. Neon indicators for troubleshooting: The grant combi boiler has a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily operate it. The neon lights blink to depict a particular problem with the machine. This makes it easy for you to diagnose the technical hitch with ease.
  1. Easy installation and servicing, thanks to the internally placed condensate-trap. This is fitted by the manufacturer to make your work easier during servicing and installation.
  1. A variety of power outputs to choose from: depending on your home’s requirement, you can choose between the 21kW, 26kW and 36kW boiler models.
  1. Heat exchangers made of large plates to increase the surface area for water heating. This greatly increases the boiler’s efficiency.
  1. The boiler automatically switches itself off in the event of low water pressure. This is a safety precaution for the boiler if your water supply stops abruptly.
  1. Two intelligent temperature controls: these electronic controls allow your boiler to keep central water heating in condensing mode while instantly supplying hot water. The intelligent controls ensure that your household has a constant hot water supply at any given time.
  1. Strong and durable stainless steel heat exchanger for fast water heating.
  1. The pre-set temperature of 50˚C enhances accurate hot water control for the mixing valves.
  1. The combi boilers can supply an average of 15 liters of water per minute. This water is often at the preset temperature of 50˚C.
  1. It has been rated ‘A’ SEDBUK regarding energy efficiency
  1. This combi boiler “whispers” during operation, hence producing minimal noise.
  1. The Grant Vortex Combi boiler also has an internal trap for condensate. This ensures that no obstacles hinder the smooth flow of hot and cold water within the pipes.

Pros of Grant Vortex Combi Boiler

  • The boiler is easy to install
  • It is available in various models based on your home’s power requirements
  • Highly durable

 Cons of Grant Vortex Combi Boiler

So far, we have not registered any cons for this boiler.

The Grant Vortex Combi Boiler is an intelligent boiler with an utterly easy to operate interface. It has a way of communication with you in the case of technical hitches. All you need to look at are the neon lights. For the perfect hot water solution, go for this powerful boiler.