The HRM combi boiler is of the Wallstar combi model. It is rated “B” based on the SEDBUK. It is fuelled using oil and is utterly energy efficient.

If your home’s power output requirement is a maximum of 24kW, then you might want to consider buying this boiler. With it, you get to save on both energy and fuel bills.

Features of the HRM combi boiler

As a potential owner of the HRM boiler, it is paramount to get acquainted with its special features. They include:

  1. 87% Energy Efficient

This boiler does not emit toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide. It also saves you on energy and fuel costs.

2. Vast range of power outputs to choose from (18kW – 24kW)

As a homeowner, you get to choose the combi boiler that meets your home’s power requirements to the latter. The smaller boiler can supply hot water to a smaller house.

3. Cools itself using inbuilt fan

Due to the array of heating activities in the boiler, it is important to ensure it has a self-cooling mechanism. This is why this particular boiler has a fan.

4. Highly durable

This boiler is made of high-quality materials that last long. Thus you are sure to enjoy non-stop hot-water showers with the HRM combi boiler.

HRM combi boiler

5. Quite affordable

This boiler and its spare parts are very pocket-friendly. As compared to its competitors, it can actually fit within a smaller budget.

6. Guaranteed satisfaction

This boiler is specially designed with your needs in mind. Your satisfaction is therefore assured.

Pros of HRM Combi Boiler

This boiler has the following advantages:

  • It is made up of high-quality materials making it strong and durable.
  • If one part needs replacement, you need not worry about cost. The boiler’s spare parts are relatively cheap.
  • The boiler has a fan to cool itself automatically.
  • You can choose a boiler with the power output that suits your home. This is because the boiler comes in a broad variety.
  • The boiler is compact, hence can fit into small houses
  • 87% energy efficient- this saves on both energy and fuel costs.

 Cons of an HRM Combi Boiler

This boiler has the following disadvantages:

  • It does not have protection against frost
  • At times, the boiler fails to automatically turn on, necessitating manual intervention

Please note:

Do not take off the boiler casing, it is dangerous. The HRM boiler uses oil and if exposed, it could explode into a fire! Stay safe.

Technical hitches are common to all electronic devices. This is why you should embrace any problems with your HRM combi boiler positively. They, above all things, provide you with a golden opportunity to learn and grow. The internet has answers to most of the boiler problems you will face. Therefore, feel free to share with other homeowners worldwide.

Some of the problems will require a qualified engineer to tackle them. However, you will realize that there are times you will have to fix them yourself. It is so fulfilling just doing it yourself!