Keston boilers are powerful appliances with a stylish touch. They give you the top-notch and reliable comfort in your home. They are used for the provision of hot water to homes of various sizes. They are specially made to meet your hot water requirements for both commercial and domestic purposes.

There are two main models of the Keston boilers, they are featured below:

Keston Combi C30

The Keston combi C30 boiler is a unique boiler that is able to supply you with hot water without the need for a separate water tank. It outputs 30kW of power and is highly energy efficient boiler that you can trust. It operates by connecting to a flue.

Keston boilers

This can be situated anywhere within the house, provided that the distance to the flue does not exceed 27 meters. Thus, this model is pretty flexible to use.

Features of the Keston C30 boiler:

  • You can easily see the pressure-gauge
  • There is a LCD light at the back of the boiler for easier operation
  • It is very light in weight for easy portability
  • It is reliable
  • Has a twin-flue, 27 meters long
  • It is small and compact to fit onto your kitchen cupboard
  • It provides for full modulation
  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • The Keston C30 boiler is free from frost as it has an inbuilt frost protector
  • Flue can be situated up to 27 meters from the boiler


  • The Keston C30 boiler is easy to operate, thanks to the simple to use control panel
  • It is highly reliable
  • The flue can be situated anywhere within 27 meters hence giving this boiler top-notch flexibility
  • Compactness suitable for small – medium homes


Installation can be quite hectic and technical forcing you to hire an engineer.


This is one very compact and utterly energy efficient boiler. It can fit on top of your standard-sized kitchen cupboard, making its presence less of a bother. You do not require a water storage tank in order to use this boiler.

Keston c35

Features of the Keston C35 boiler:

  • Easily visible pressure gauge
  • LCD lighting at the back, for easier operation of the boiler
  • Easily portable
  • it has an automatic by-pass
  • the fitting loop is already fitted into the boiler
  • it is compact, making it a good fit for small kitchens
  • modulation is fully done
  • 2-year warranty
  • No frost can affect the pipes because it has an inbuilt protector
  • It is made up of fewer components


  • The Keston C35 boiler has a control panel with easily understood instructions.
  • It is flexible
  • No frosting of pipes
  • It can suit any home thanks to its compact dimensions


When you face technical hitches with the boiler, you have to spend more to hire an engineer.

Two Common Problems with Keston Boilers and their Fixes

  1. When the boiler refuses to be turned on:

It is common to experience this problem when using the Keston boilers.


  • It the boiler is not set to the correct pressure then reset it and checks if the boiler starts correctly.
  • Replace blocked heat exchangers or clean them well
  1. Ignition Failure

You may observe that the pilot is on but the burner isn’t turning on. This is often caused by electrical faults especially after a kitchen fitting.


Test whether the boiler’s neutral wire is live. Use a multi-meter for this crucial yet risky task. An electrician will be very necessary in this case.

 Keston boilers are classically designed for your ultimate comfort. These boilers do not pollute the environment as their emissions are not-toxic they also save you on energy bills as they are real energy-efficient boilers. If you have limited space for water storage tanks in your home, then Keston combi C30 and C35 boilers are your perfect choices.

Need someone to repair or install them for you? No problem; give us a shout.