Sime boilers are renowned  for enhanced energy efficiency. These boilers are preferred by most homeowners because they are digital, hence automated for better performance. With a user manual availed on the internet, you can be able to learn how to operate these boilers very fast.

Outlined below are the two unique and superior Sime boilers:

1. Sime ecomfort 30 he

This is a condensing sime boiler that outputs up to a maximum of 29Kw. It is powered by gas and is 87.9% efficient. This means that you get to save on energy bills. This boiler is also environmentally friendly since it does not emit toxic substances to the environment.

Sime boilers

It is utterly affordable for you and costs about £514.05.

Special Boiler features

This Sime boiler can be characterized by the following unique features:

  1. Five-year warranty for boiler parts and labor
  2. It has a filter for protection
  3. you do not need to avail any ventilation for the boiler compartments
  4. it comes with a special in-built protector against frost
  1. Its heat exchanger is top-notch as it is made of an alloy of aluminum for efficient heat conduction.

The Pros

  • It is an energy efficient boiler
  • It does not pollute the environment
  • It is affordable
  • User manuals are available for free download online


  • This boiler faces certain technical hitches that will require you to hire a professional engineer.

2. Sime Format 30 he

This is an utmost efficiency, digital Sime boiler that is inexpensive for all. It consumes power sparingly, hence saving you on energy bills. If you are an environmentalist then you will love this Sime Boiler for its inability to pollute the environment.

Features of the Sime Format 30 he boiler

  • This boiler has certain special features that you can use to identify it. They include:
  • You get to enjoy a 5year warranty on the labour and spare parts
  • It has a filter to protect the boiler’s sensitive parts from unwanted substances
  • No need for compartment ventilation
  • In-built frost protection mechanism
  • Highly efficient heat exchanger made of aluminum alloy for better heat conduction.


  • Great affordability
  • Easy to use as it has a user manual for free download online


This heater can easily break down if not properly taken care of.

Two Common Problems you can experience when using Sime Boilers:

  • Extremely high pressure in the boiler

This is a common problem you are likely to experience while using the Sime boilers. The causative agents vary from manufacturing issue to corrosion issues. However, it causes the splitting of the heat exchanger. Once split, cold water crosses over to the heating sector, filling up the circuit.

To fix this: Replace the heat exchanger plate as soon as you can. If you do not have the expertise required, then seek for a professional’s help.

  • Loss of pressure in the boiler

First of all, you need to check for any leakages in the system. Check the radiators, pipes and safety valve for leaks. If any, fix it. However, if there is no leakage, then the most likely cause of this problem is a faulty automatic air vent.

To fix this: Remove the leaking air vent with the help of an engineer. Then have him/ her refill and pressurize your boiler system.

It is evident that the Sime boilers are a must have variety of boilers. With their high level of energy efficiency, they save you financially as you will be spending less on bills. These boilers are mainly loved by environmentalists who enjoy a clean environment. This is because; Sime boilers seldom produce poisonous fumes that might be harmful to the environment.