The Ideal combi boiler manufacturer is Ideal Boilers and is a UK company. They produce high quality boilers having been in business for over 100 years. The boilers enjoy good ratings from Good Housekeeping readers and the Energy Saving Trust. The Company has the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for 2013.

The Ideal combi boiler is a perfect choice for any property. The boilers have standard inbuilt features. They use modern and advanced technology for reliability and high performance. The boilers are compact and fit in a cupboard.

ideal combi boiler

The pipe work is pre- installed and bypass is automatic. This makes installation simple and easy. The boiler is quiet while in operation, therefore, you can install in any room. It has other outstanding features that make the boiler a good value for money. Ideal Combi boilers are available in various models, and a few of them are as follows:

Ideal Combi Boilers Models

Ideal Combi Boilers are available in a range of models using advanced modern technology. The boilers deliver high performance. They are easy to install and reliable. The boilers provide hot water on demand therefore saving on energy consumption. In addition, they are compact in size, making them suitable for all properties. Each model has unique features and benefits depending on the power output. Some of the models are:


Ideal VOGUE COMBI uses modern technology with parts and accessories of premium quality. The boiler is reliable and delivers high performance. Most of all, it comes with an extended warranty of 10 years covering labor and parts.

ideal vogue combi boiler

Among its many features, the key ones are:
·         Frost protection
·         Displays with input for installer telephone
·         Clean point for casing
·         Pre-wire mains lead
·         10 year warranty that covers for labor and parts
·         Universal condensate drain connection
·         Performed copper tails at pipe clip distance
·         Automatic bypass
·         Help text and fault history log
·         Filling loop
·         Commissioning function
·         Anti cycling, diverter valve exercise and pump

2.  Ideal Logic Combi

The Ideal Logic Combi boiler is suitable for any size of property or home. It comes in three different outputs of 24kW, 30kW, and 35kW. In addition, besides some of its features are standard and inbuilt.

Ideal logic combi

·         Inbuilt filling loop
·         Light in weight, starts from 28.9kg
·         Pressure gauge with good visibility
·         Simple diverter valve design
·         Low component number, hence maximum reliability
·         Frost protection
·         Automatic bypass
·         Universal condensate connection
·         New generation Honeywell gas valve
·         User friendly controls with large backlit display
·         A compact size that fits in a cupboard
·         Two stage flame sensor
·         Compatible with various additional controls such as weather compensation
·         Wide range of additional flue options
·         Pre-wired main leads and performed copper tails
·         Fully modulating operations to low outputs
·         Endorsed by Energy Saving Trust
·         Two year warranty that covers parts and labor


The Ideal LOGIC CODE COMBI ES has advanced boiler technology. It has an inbuilt stainless steel recuperator that recycles waste energy. It meets building regulations and supports up to level 4 Code for Sustainable Homes. A number of features in this boiler are inbuilt and standard.

Ideal logic code combi es

Therefore, this boiler is suitable for all properties and homes. Its features are as follows:
·         Single appliance making it easy and fast to install
·         Tidy and neat appearance
·         Preheated DHW inlet hence less DHW water waste
·         High DHW efficiency, lowering energy consumption
·         Available in models of 26kW, 33kW and 38kW
·         Compact and light in weight ideal for retrofit installations as well as new buildings
·         Reduced pluming on DHW
·         Minimum overall height increase, allowing for easy site installation
·         Higher DHW flow rates, approximately 10% more than standard boilers
·         Inbuilt pipe work, does not require extra space on the side of the boiler
·         2 year warranty inclusive of labor and parts

Ideal Combi Boilers Prices

The Ideal Combi Company delivers outstanding boilers offering quality performance and value for money. They fulfill their promise in the warranty to cover labor and parts. The Company has an excellent customer service that responds quickly to customers. The Ideal Combi boiler has inbuilt standard features that are compatible to all properties and homes. The boilers are instant heaters, thus, saving on energy consumption and hence lower power bills. The Energy Saving Trust recognizes this and endorses the Ideal Combi Boilers. The manufacturer not only embraces modern technology but also uses the same in the features of these boilers. Thus, the Company has a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for 2013.
The Ideal Combi boilers enjoy high rating from previous buyers. These include the Good Home keeping readers. This is because of their long life due to the Company using premium parts and components. The extended warranty of 10 years shows that the boilers have a long life span. The Idea Combi boilers have a wide range of benefits. They give full value for money. Their prices vary according to features and output. They are, however, affordable. Below is a price guide of some the boiler models:

Ideal VOGUE COMBI – Price Range

The Ideal Logic Combi uses modern technology with unique features. Its LCD display shows alerts you whenever the boiler needs service. The cool burner door technology allows you to service this boiler when it is hot. It has room for installing an optional timer and programmer. The Ideal Logic Combi has premium components and parts. As a result, the Company offers a warranty of 10 years covering both labor and parts. The boiler has most components pre-installed. This makes installation and maintenance simple and easy. The Ideal Logic Combi boiler is an instant heater; therefore, its energy consumption is low. This saves a lot of money on fuel bills. The cost of this boiler is fair and ranges from £1499. The price can however be higher if you choose a high power boiler.

Ideal Logic Combi – Price Range

The Ideal Logic Combi is suitable for all properties. It is available in power outputs of 24kW, 30kW, and 35kW. The boiler uses natural and LPG gas and a conversion kit for output 24kW and 30kW is available. The boiler is easy to install and has a universal condensate connection. This is a lightweight boiler weighing from 28.9kg. In addition, it is compact and can fit in a cupboard in any room. With the inbuilt in frost protection, you can use this boiler in all seasons. The Ideal Logic Combi consumes little energy and has full endorsement from the Energy Saving Trust. It gives real value for money. The price of this boiler is from £510 and goes upwards depending on the power output.

Ideal LOGIC CODE COMBI ES- Price Range

The Ideal Logic Code Combi ES is ideal to building contractors and property owners. It is a single appliance with standard combination connections. The boiler does not require additional maintenance. The boiler has inbuilt pipe work and does not require extra pipes at installation. It is therefore easy and quick to install. Because of this, the boiler is compact and neat.

The Ideal Logic Code Combi ES boiler uses modern technology and its features are unique. It recycles energy while heating water therefore saving energy consumption. As a result, the Energy Saving Trust endorses this boiler. It is available in power outputs of 26kW, 33kW, and 38kW. The cost price of this boiler is fair if you compare to the many benefits. The price starts from £499 but can be higher depending on the power output.

Ideal Combi Boiler Problems

The Ideal Combi boiler has high ratings and endorsement from the Energy Saving Trust and Good Housekeeping readers. Further, the boiler has an award from the Queen’s Award for Enterprise. However, this does not mean that the boiler does not fail. After a period of use, like all machineries, the Ideal Combi boiler will experience some faults. These faults are common in other boilers and are easy to fix. In the box, you will find a manual from the manufacturer listing common faults and their remedy. You can fix the faults or call an engineer. It is advisable to service your boiler regularly for long life and efficiency. Some of the common faults are:

1.  Loud Explosive Noise on Ignition

Sometimes, you will hear a loud bang when you turn on the boiler. The boiler however, may light up on the second or third attempt without any noise. This happens when the chamber has excess gas. It means that the flame sensors have a problem. To correct this fault, you will need to replace the flame sensor and ignition leads. These parts are available in local stores. If you have a warranty covering parts, contact the manufacturer. After replacing the parts, adjust the fan speed and gas valve as per the operations manual guide. You can engage a technician if the work proves difficult.

2.  Water Leaking From the Ideal Combi Boiler

You may find water leaking beneath your boiler though this is a rare happening. If it does, it shows that the heat exchanger has a split. Fixing this fault requires replacing the heat exchanger. This repair is expensive and the labor is intense. Besides, the heat exchangers are obsolete and it is difficult to find a spare one. Contact the manufacturer as you consider buying a new boiler.

3.  Gurgling Noises and Leaking Boiler

You may notice your boiler leaking and hear gurgling sounds at the same time. This is because of blocked waterways. This occurs between the boiler and the condensate. The cause is residue and dirt filling the waterways. To fix this fault, check the bottom of the boiler and strip the plate. Check carefully and see if there is any water dripping. Remove and clean the condensate trap.

4.  Boiler fails to Light Up

The boiler sparks and attempts to light when out turn it on. The boiler goes to lockout after three attempts of igniting. The display will also show an orange light. The Ideal Combi boiler has a cylindrical burner. The flame sensor and ignition are underneath. After a period of use, carbon and dirt will build up.  This affects the flame sensor probes and the ignition. To fix this fault, strip and clean the boiler.

5.  Ideal Combi Boiler Does Not Switch On

Sometimes the boiler will fail to switch on. The boiler will not light up because it has no power. This is a power fault and can be in the power control board. To fix the problem, replace the power control board. The original power board is colored black and the orange one is the replacement board. If your boiler has the orange board, call a technician to look into it.

6.  Filling Loop Not Working

The filling will stop working after some period of use. To fix this, replace the filling loop with a new one. Do not attempt to do the work yourself. This is because of your safety and the Gas safety as well. Engage a technician to inspect your boiler and locate the filling loop.

You can now own a boiler that saves you a lot of money on fuel bills. The Ideal Combi boilers recycle energy while saving fuel. The boilers have high reputation from Good Housekeeping readers. The Energy Saving Trust also endorses these boilers for their ability to save fuel. These boilers use modern technology and features to deliver high quality performance. For this, the Ideal Company has the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for 2013.

The boiler has a long life span and the warranty extends up to a period of 10 years. This covers labor as well as parts. The boilers are compact enough to fit in small cupboards. They are easy to use and affordable. Therefore, buy an Ideal Combi Boiler and start enjoying their many benefits.

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