Vaillant Combi Boiler Reviews

Vaillant is a Company based in Germany and they manufacture the Vaillant combi boiler. Vaillant has been in business for over a century. Their products are present in over 80 countries. They manufacture the boilers from various countries and maintain high standards. The Company uses modern technology to produce the EcoTec boiler models. Boilers parts and accessories are of premium quality.

Vaillant combi boiler

Combi boilers are compact and fit in small spaces. You do not need storage tanks for hot or cold water. The boilers provide instant hot water. This gives you great savings on water and power bills. It is easy to install the boiler, but you need to engage a technician. Vaillant combi boilers give unique service and have a long lifespan. The company offers a competitive warranty and extends it further if a Vaillant approved technician installs the boiler. Combi boilers have features that make them stand out. They do not present major faults but have minor potential problems that are easy to fix. The operations manual in the box has troubleshooting and solutions guide. You can refer to the manual or call a qualified technician.  Some Vaillant boiler models are more popular and appealing.

EcoTec Combi boilers

The Vaillant popular models are:

  • EcoTEC Plus Combination Boiler
  • Vaillant EcoTec Exclusive
  • EcoTEC Pro Combination Boilers

The EcoTec Combi boilers have modern features that offer a unique service. They make for huge savings in water and energy. Some of the outstanding features are:

  • The boilers have a high efficient pump to reduce energy consumption. This feature ensures there are no standby energy losses and saves on power bills.
  • There is a two stage built in frost protect to ensure the boiler heats in all seasons.
  • The boilers have Vaillant’s Aqua Comfort warm start feature. It helps to speed hot water delivery into the taps in the house.
  • Vaillant Combi Boilers are compact and fit in small spaces.
  • The boilers provide hot water on demand.
  • Combi boilers draw water from the main supply and do not need a storage tank.
  • The Combi boilers produce low noise
  • Vaillant Company offers long term warranty

Top 3 Vaillant Combi Boiler Models

The most preferred boiler type is the combination boiler, also known as combi boiler. It draws water from the mains and supplies without storing into a tank. A combi boiler can use LPG gas, electricity, oil or natural gas. The Vaillant Company produces various combi boiler models to suit all properties.

Vaillant combi boiler.jpg1

And the Vaillant EcoTec brand is popular because it is affordable, efficient, reliable, compact and easy to install. Some EcoTec combi boilers are more popular because of their unique features. The popular brands are as follows:

1.  EcoTEC plus Model

EcoTec plus Vaillant Combi boiler model is efficient and reliable. It is available in various outputs ranging from 25kW to 38kW.


  1. The model does not need a storage tank and provides instant hot water within 5 seconds.
  2. It regulates energy consumption through advanced modulation I periods of low heat demand.
  3. Some models are available for LPG for areas with no gas supply.
  4. The Company dedicates Model 825 for small homes with low hot water needs.
  5. Models 832 and 838 are for bigger homes with two bathrooms.
  6. The EcoTec plus Model is efficient and saves on water and power bills.
  7. It has a flame lit detection system to enable efficient and quiet combustion.
  8. The stylish case design makes the boiler fit well with all home décor.

2.  EcoTEC Pro Model

This model has a simple design but maintains high performance and quality. It is compact and takes small space in the house. This boiler has outstanding efficiency and performance due to its premium components. It provides instant hot water and does not need a hot or cold -water storage tank. The combi boiler has the modern heating technology and features.


  • It has an Award of Quiet Mark Approval.
  • EcoTec Pro 24kW is ideal for a property with one bathroom. The 28kW is suitable for a house with two bathrooms.
  • Vaillant Company offers a standard two-year guarantee. They extend the guarantee if you choose a Vaillant Advance installer to install the boiler.
  • The boiler is cheap and efficient to run.
  • Built-in two stage frost protection for optimal performance during the cold season.
  • Vaillant’s Aqua Comfort feature speeds delivery of hot water into your taps.
  • The boiler has a high-efficiency pump. This reduces energy consumption and saves on power

3.  Vaillant EcoTec Exclusive

The EcoTec Exclusive model is superior and is exceptional in performance. It is efficient in fuel consumption, thus ideal for larger properties. This combi boiler is available in 32kW and 38kW.


  • It is ultra quiet while in operation and has a Quiet Mark Award
  • Solid sitting base
  • Compact size measuring 800mm x 480mm x 450mm
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • The boiler is efficient and cheap to maintain. Has an 88.8% efficiency rating
  • Has an electronically controlled low energy pump to lower energy consumption
  • Can use gas or electricity
  • Backlight in the display for clear visibility
  • Warranty extended if the boiler is installed by a Vaillant approved engineer
  • Installed filling loop
  • Intelligent controls and accessories and system solution provided
  • Can use aroTHERM air to water heat pump hybrid system
  • Maintains high efficiency at lower output
  • It has a push fit flue system to help with installation

All of the above Vaillant combi boiler models use modern technology and are reliable. They are long lasting and easy to maintain. There is a suitable model for every property. Select one according to your hot water requirements and budget.

Vaillant Combi Boiler Prices

Vaillant combi boiler prices depend on the size of the boiler. The Vaillant combi boiler prices range between £796 – £1400 excluding installation costs. This depends on the model and size of the boiler. Vaillant ecoTec have a wide selection of boilers and you will find a suitable one.

Vaillant Heat Only Boilers – Ideal for Large Properties – Price Range

Vaillant Heat Only provides hot water through a boiler. It has a cold-water tank and a storage tank. It is an open vent boiler. Water from the main supply goes to the cold-water tank from where the hot water cylinder draws. The boiler heats the water ready for use around the house. Besides, the boiler is not instant and it takes some time to heat the water. You can use the hot water in different rooms at the same time. Price ranges from £796 – £1430 depending on the size.

Valliant Combi Boilers – Hot Water on Demand – Price Range

The Valliant combination boiler is an instant heater. It is suitable for a home with small space and less water consumption. There is no need for installation of hot water cylinder or cold-water tank. The boiler draws water from the main supply and heats water on demand. Therefore, this boiler may not work well if the water pressure is low and more than one tap is in use. It is cost effective and saves space. Vaillant Combi boiler prices vary depending on size and flow rates and range from £875 to £1305.

Vaillant System Boilers – Eco-Friendly & Adaptable – Price Range

Vaillant System Boilers have sealed system boilers. They have an airing cupboard housing a sealed system tank. This is where water heating and distribution takes place. They are efficient in supplying enough hot water even in high demand. The Vaillant System Boilers are cost effective. Thus, you do not need a cold-water tank and can use solar energy to power the heating system. Boilers are in different sizes and output suitable for all homes. The price is from £826 – £1257.

Vaillant Combi Boiler Problems

Boilers need regular service after a period of use. The boiler lasts longer and works better. There are minor problems you will encounter when using Combi boilers. These normal faults occur in machineries. The manufacturer provides a manual with a troubleshooting and solution guide. You can use it to fix the problems or engage a technician. Spare parts are cheap and available in your local store. These are the common faults and the remedy.

Radiator Not Heating

If the radiator is not heating, check the thermostat first. It shows when the heating is on. The thermostat will show a flashing battery symbol if the battery is faulty. Some boiler models will display a flashing light on the receiver unit. Fixing the battery is easy and you can do it yourself. The thermostat uses two AAs batteries that are available in local stores. Remove and replace the batteries in the thermostat. In addition, reset the settings for temperature and time. This is not a combi boiler technical problem and the heating will start.

Boiler Making Sounds and Locking Out

After using the boiler for a period, you may hear sounds from the boiler. The boiler locks out and gasps for air. This could be a result of blocked air intake. The build-up of dirt in the burners, corroded flue causing build-up in the flue pipe is a problem too. At this point, the Vaillant Combi Boiler needs service. Engage a qualified technician to do gas analysis, clean the burners and jets. The technician should check the flue to clear blockages and corrosion. Allow the technician to service and replace any faulty part.

Water Staying Luke Warm

When the heating is on and you are getting lukewarm water, the thermostat or diverter valve could be faulty. Engage a technician to replace the thermostat. The diagram washer, spindle, and diverter valve may need replacing as well. These parts are cheap and available in your local store.

Boiler Showing Low Pressure

If the boiler pressure reads 0.4 or lower, the boiler will not start. It will instead go to boiler lockout. Check the safety valve, pipe work and look for any leaks in the boiler. It is easy to fix this fault. Check underneath the boiler for the filling loop. Turn the tap counter. Wait for the boiler pressure to go up to 1.5 and turn the tap again. Your Combi boiler problem is over and it will start to heat.

Water Dripping From Copper Pipe on the Wall

This pipe is for releasing pressure in the boiler system. Water drips from the pipe when:

  • The heat exchanger cracks
  • There is a lot of pressure in the boiler
  • The expansion vessel has lost charge
  • Expansion vessel gets perforated

The pipe drips water even after the pressure level is normal. This is not a major problem and a plumber will easily fix it.

Frozen Condensate

The boiler may not start during cold seasons and frost is visible. Chances are the condensate could be blocked or frozen. Locate the condensate outside and warm it up using hot water. Check below the boiler and drain the condensate pipe into a container. This will solve the problem. A technician can fit a condensate trace heater to end future problems.

You no longer have to worry about high power bills. Vaillant Combi boilers give you great savings, thanks to their unique power saving feature. You do not have to wait for water to heat for hours. The boilers provide hot water on demand and continue to heat as you use. Due to the compact size, the boilers can fit in any property. They take a small space in the house and you do not need to buy storage tanks.

The boilers are powerful and able to supply water in all rooms in a larger property. Vaillant Combi boiler problems are easy to fix. It may be expensive to maintain a boiler which is 15 years and above. Avoid paying for frequent repair costs. Vaillant boiler prices are fair if you compare to their premium service and long life. Buy a modern Combi boiler that is long lasting and comes with a long-term warranty.