The Vitodens 050-W condensing gas combi offers a choice of optional accessories and can be connected to an outdoor temperature sensor. That it can be attached to an outdoor sensor allows the boiler to compensate for changes in the weather accordingly. This helps keep you warm and cozy. Below are more reasons why this boiler would be perfect for your home.

Vitodens 050-W


The Vitodens 050-W features a mainly low level of operating noise. Its components are easy to get to from front for ease of service and maintenance. With a height of only 707 mm, the Vitodens 050-W is one of the smallest walls mounted boilers in its class. The boiler’s compact dimensions recommend it as a replacement for old boilers in multi-story buildings – including up to five boilers on separate floors connected to one vertical flue system.

Inox-Radial heat exchanger and a cylinder burner made of stainless steel

The heat exchanger manufactured with stainless steel, and this enhances the conversion of supplied energy to heat. It has an efficiency of about 97%. The stainless steel cylinder burner, therefore, consumes moderately little natural gas, with lower CO2 discharges and with a reduced effect on the surrounding.

Other Features of the Vitodens 050-W Boiler 

  • Attractively priced wall mounted gas condensing boiler
  • Energy efficiency rating: A
  • Plugin time clock and remote collector options
  • High-efficiency A rated modulating pump
  • Modulation range up to 1:4
  • Easy access to serviceable parts e.g. plate heat exchanger
  • Weather compensation alternative accessible
  • Extensive system accessories
  • Smooth operation, optionally also via indoor regulators
  • Perfect for use in living areas as they have little operating noise, no commotion and minimized measurements
  • Compact height, with recessed fittings that do not need pipe cover
  • Easy wiring
  • Three-year comprehensive warranty as standard

At a very pocket-friendly price, you can now get the Vitodens 050-W wall mounting gas condensing boiler of high quality. A wide range of accessories makes the Vitodens 050-W suitable for both new build and modernization. It comes in two DHW output ratings (8 to 35 and 5.9 to 29 kw) and serves as a combi evaporator with an instant water heater. Also, an electronic boiler power unit for weather compensated mode and a thermostatic mode are integrated into the Vitodens 050-W. The outside temperature sensor is also available as an accessory.

For better service remember to have the boiler installed by a professional. Also, the system may get dirty or contaminated and may require cleaning. Someone with flushing knowledge should be able to flush your whole system and your boiler, correcting the issue and cleaning the system at the same time.